Welcome to letstart.dev!

Nice to meet you! I'm Samuli, an entrepreneur, dreamer and developer with a passion for technology and all things coding. Programming has been my hobby for over two decades already (no, I'm not so old as you think), and it remains that to this day, even if you could also call it my job. I have started and worked on countless different projects both big and small, for myself and for others.

mkdir dream
cd dream
git init

Getting started on a new project is not an obvious, simple thing. Ironically it has taken me years to get started on this website. Sometimes you just have an idea, a dream, but you don't really know what is it you need to make it a reality. And sometimes you're just curious about a new technology or tool or framework and you would like to explore it, but can't really imagine doing all the work just to get started with it.

Or maybe you've already done a cool webapp, but the thought of actually pushing it out to the world for thousands of real people using it gives you nightmares. How the heck do you deploy it to "the cloud", and keep it safe and easy to manage?

That is exactly what this website is trying to be about. It's trying to put together the right set of tools and lessons learned in as-easy-as-possible package for you to take and apply, so that you skip straight to the good part of creating and sharing your dream. It's trying to encourage and push you to do, not only to dream. And if you don't know how, then you've come to the right place!

letstart webapp-with-cool-frontend-and-blazing-backend --deploy gcloud

Obviously there's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for whatever possible problem you might be trying to solve. And that's not the point! The point is to try things, fail, learn, and improve for next time. The faster and easier you can make trying new things, the faster and easier you will learn and succeed. So that is what I'm trying to faciliate that here on letstart.dev. I hope you're in for the journey!

This website is still in the works, so there's not much real content yet other than an article or two and this inspirational rambling of mine. Check back soon again to see if I eventually get something more done or not!

Cheers, Samuli

P.S. Maybe one day in the far, far future I will start another website called letsfinish.dev where I'll share with you the secrets of actually finishing a project. But I'm not there yet, still haven't discovered how to do that. So for now let's just stick with getting things started!